Hashoo School of Hospitality Management (HSHM) is the first-of-its-kind Tourism and Hospitality School, which in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), is introducing a formalised hospitality education system in Pakistan.

Leading the hospitality industry of Pakistan, Hashoo Group are the owners, and operators of the five-star Pearl-Continental Hotels and Marriott Hotels, as well as the Hotel One and PC Legacy brands in Pakistan. In addition to successfully running hotels across the country, they are now focused on training hospitality students and service professionals through the launch of HSHM.

Hashoo Group, in collaboration with Sheffield Business School of SHU, will open HSHM’s first campus in Pakistan. Following a two-year academic programme in Pakistan, qualifying students of HSHM will have the assured opportunity to complete an additional third year at SHU, graduating with a Sheffield Hallam Degree – a BSc (Hons) in four different categories of International Hospitality Management.

To train the HSHM Faculty on the teaching methodology and introduce to them the curriculum for hospitality and management followed in SHU, faculty members were invited to visit SHU, UK.

Whilst HSHM Faculty was there for training at SHU, Dr. David Graham, Principal Lecturer in Hospitality Management at SHU and HSHM, led a delegation comprising faculty members of HSHM and senior management from the Group to a reception at SHU.

The visitors from Pakistan met Councillor Penny Baker, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and Councillor Mohammed Mahroof„ to discuss multifarious facets of HSHM. They also participated in a training session, presentations, and engaged in meaningful discourse.

Addressing the guests, Dr. Graham said: “it was fantastic to visit the Town Hall. We were made to feel very welcome and we are really excited about working on this new venture with Hashoo Group.”